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Heattify™ High Womens Waterproof Winter Boots

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Winter will be here before you know it! Be prepared.Animated GIF

Worried about your size?

We would suggest 1/2 size larger or 1 size larger if your feet are wide.

Please use this table for reference:

Feet length  Size 
8.9" 4.5
9" 5
9.1" 5.5
9.3" 6
9.4" 6.5
9.5" 7
9.7" 7.5
9.8" 8
9.9" 8.5
10" 9
10.1" 9.5
10.2" 10
10.5" 10.5
10.6" 11
10.8" 11.5
11" 12


Keep your feet warm and protected in our NEW High Waterproof Winter Boots!

We all hate slipping and sliding when winter eventually comes, not to mention your feet getting soaking wet and freezing. 

Many of our customers loved our previous Winter Boots but requested if we had higher boots for snow, well here they are...

We have created a new version, perfect for all the challenges cold weather brings! Well, what's so special about these boots?


Crafted from high-quality oxford cloth these boots are completely waterproof. Ideal for keeping your feet dry by blocking rain or snow from entering your shoe. As well as easy cleaning of any dirt. Ensure your feet are dry all day regardless of the weather. This material is also excellent for conforming to your foot.

Warm Fur Lining

Our boots are equipped with an artificial plush fur lining that preserves heat. Treat your feet with these soft boots! Not only can you feel comfortable like putting your feet on a rug, but they also warm you up like you were sitting near a campfire. Buy it now and feel the warmth!

Non-Slip Sole

At the base of the boots are a strong grip and non-slip sole. A superior quality rubber insole results in a shockproof and resilient sole which is extremely comfortable, meaning you can wear your boots for even longer! As well as enhancing your own safety by reducing your chances of falling/slipping. 


Adjustable Tassel

Complete with an adjustable tussle at the back of each boot for those who prefer their bots a little bit tighter or looser!


Other Features

  • Closure Type: Elastic 
  • Internal Material: Plush Fur
  • External Material: Oxford Cloth
  • Boot Height: Mid Calf
  • Heel Height: 1.2"- 2"
  • Fit: Smaller than usual, larger size recommended. Please refer to our sizing chart below.