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Heattify™ Upgrade Version 1-Way Vision Horizontal Blinds

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You see out - No one sees in with this 1-way vision horizontal blinds.

Are you searching for a way of reducing glare, protect the furniture and save energy? The answer is simple and on-hand: The premium 1-way window film blocks out 90% of infrared  rays and 95% Of UV rays, for an optimal natural lightening in your home. Added daytime privacy you need, it also shields outsiders from seeing into home and belongings, potentially protecting you from theft.


The home will be more comfortable even on hot summer days as it allows natural light in but blocks ultraviolet rays. More than skin protection, it prevents furniture, flooring, and walls from fading caused by UV-rays.  

WHY The HEATTIFY Vision Horizontal Blinds?

EXCELLENT PRIVACY PROTECTION --The window film can effectively filter glare, prevent indoor darkness, protect your skin and vision; 100% protect indoor privacy if you don't want anyone to see through your window or glass partition.

UV PROTECTION, ENERGY SAVING --The office window tint can effectively insulation, warm and comfortable in winter, heat insulation in summer. Reduce expenses, energy saving and environmental protection. UV blocking rate: 99%, infrared blocking rate: 85%.

NON ADHESIVES, EASY TO CLEAN --The bathroom privacy window film is made of PVC+PET material, which is a non-adhesive electrostatic film. Easy to use. It can be directly removed when not in use, without any residue, can be repeated use.

EXPLOSION-PROOF, WATERPROOF --The privacy window tint can reduce the probability of glass bursting and protect the safety of people around you. At the same time, it has a matte texture, which can effectively prevent water, moisture and oil.

EASY TO INSTALL WITH SIMPLE TOOL --The privacy window film installation is simple. Wipe the glass clean, determine the size. Remember to soak the adhesive side and window with a large amount of soap/water mixture and filter the water.(Not recommended for use on patterned windows.



  • THICK AND HIGH QUALITY - have excellent thermal insulation effect, with anti-scratch layer on the surface, friction resisting, won’t fade nor blister.

  • HEAT INSULATION AND ENERGY SAVING - blocking out 85% of infrared rays, retain heat in winter and keep it out in summer, energy saving. 10% of VLT meaning effectively reduces glare.

  • EFFECTIVE UV REJECTION blocks out 97% of UV rays, prevents and reduces fading and aging of interior furnishings.

  • PRIVACY PROTECTION - great intended privacy during daytime; the privacy-effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior.

  • STATIC CLING AND NON-ADHESIVES - glue-free design, no chemical release.

  • EASY TO INSTALL - make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes, remember to use a lot of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window.

As it adds a layer of insulation on windows, it improves energy usage, preventing furnaces and air-condition from overworking and so using less power means lower cost of bills. Make such a difference with this window film!